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Annonce de Amour Sombre!


Romance darkly in AMOUR SOMBRE, the premiere print anthology from Danse Macabre - An Online Literary Magazine and Hammer & Anvil Books. Lovers of imaginative verse and prose, epicureans of the magical, the ethereal, the supernatural, the dark, the absurd, and the unknown will savour this nonpareil literary buffet of 38 dishes featuring authors from around the world and beyond the grave, hand-crafted to caress readers with the chill of ardour, the thrill of passion, and the poisonous pills of the melancholy and the macabrely. AMOUR SOMBRE is a literary cornucopia of dark delights that will grip readers of the imaginative like friendly (and perhaps not so friendly) shadows in the night.

Verkünden Hauptfriedhof!


Gourmands of the fantastic, epicureans of the grotesque, and lovers of the furry, the freaky, and the far-out, we bid you welcome to HAUPTFRIEDHOF, the second print anthology drawn from l’ossuaire ancien du Danse Macabre! Over fifty-three works by a buffet of today’s most irresistible story-tellers are contained here. No author in this leviathan anthology is lonely for context or resonance, and each work, beautiful and engaging in itself, is amplified by its milieu…betwixt light and darkness. Here, chilling circumstances, unsettling characters, exotic locales, often hilarious turns of the screw, and perhaps even a nightmare or two, abound. HAUPTFRIEDHOF is a lurid literary delight for aficionada of the monstrous – and monsters of all shapes and sizes!

Amour Sombre
The first Danse Macabre print anthology


Featuring fanciful works from
Mona Abboud ~ Karima Alavi

Arlene Ang ~ Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz

Jonathan Beale ~ Bruce Bond
Murray Brozinsky ~ J. Eric Castro

Adam Henry Carrière ~ Bob Chester

Ed Coonce ~ Mary Driver-Thiel
J. C. Frampton ~ Katerina Fretwell

Robert C. J. Graves ~ Tom Gribble

Roxanne Hoffman ~ Jessica Hughes

Ani Kachbalian ~ Robert P. Kaye

Michael C. Keith ~ Gregory Kimball

Brant Lyon ~ Donal Mahoney
Peter Marra ~ Adam Moorad

Randall W. Pretzer ~ Bob Priest

James Ragan ~ Elizabeth I. Riseden
Farida Samerkhanova ~ Meg Sefton

Tom Sheehan ~ Dick Strawser

Jeanann Verlee ~ Mercedes Webb-Pullman

The second Danse Macabre print anthology


Featuring fanciful works from

Gale Acuff ~ Eric Basso

Allie Marini Batts ~ Mark Baumgartner

K. Marvin Bruce ~ Paul Bussan

Alana I. Capria ~ Chris Crittenden

Holly Day ~ Geoffrey Detrani

Mary Dixon ~ Raymond DuChene

Michael Estabrook ~ Melinda Giordano

Richard Godwin ~ Peter Goulding

Suzanne Grazyna ~ Danny Herman

Kerry Hillis ~ Janie Hofmann

Claire Huxham ~ Rich Ives

Zakariah Johnson ~ Michael C. Keith

James Kendley ~ Nick Kimbro

Antonia Alexandra Klimenko ~ Peter Marra

Kim McCullough ~ K. J. Medico

Samantha Memi ~ Davide Nixon

Orlaith O'Sullivan ~ Ashok Rajamani

Michelle Reale ~ Ana Reyes

Colter J. Ruland ~ Mike & Ron Schaffer

Abigail Sheaffer ~ Tom Sheehan

Constance Stadler ~ Darby Tench

Michael Thompson ~ Karolina Waclawiak

Jeffrey M. Wallmann ~ Mercedes Webb-Pullman

Peter Weltner ~ Daniel Williams

Frederick Zydek


Both titles now in quality paperback from

Hammer & Anvil Books


Your purchase of these arresting anthologies will help support & sustain Danse Macabre

(and gift yourself two pounds of the Macabrely for your nighttime reading delectations!) 

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