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Danse Macabre

An Online Literary Magazine™


is committed to expanding the creative landscape of the literary web. Our central editorial criterion is the overall imaginative effort you deploy to transcend prevailing (suburban, academic) orthodoxies. The narrative contours of magical realism, world poetry, and Mitteleuropean kunst und kultur are especially appreciated.


We welcome:


• all forms of poetry (5 per submission)

including translations

• all manner of fiction, including novel excerpts

(less than 2,500 words)

• travel narratives, humour, & creative non-fiction

beyond the workshoppe norm

• feuilleton on matters consistent with our m.o.

• art & photography

(Send .jpgs of at least ten pieces with your query;

we heart large portfolios, and will require a minimum of thirteen pieces

for inclusion into an issue.)


Though we may not be able to offer you detailed comments on your submission, we do promise to read everything you send with care and consideration. Our response time is rarely over ten weeks, unless of course the Editor-in-Chief almost dies, which happens from time to time. Follow-up queries are not discouraged.


Prior to submission...


Read the magazine first. If you're interested in seeing your work appear here, knowing what we do (and how we like to do it) is a positive, proactive first step to joining our growing family of writers. Having a sense of our magazine's vibe, our toponymy, and what both suggest about our preferred content goes a long way into clarifying whether you ought submit to us. Read our Editor-in-Chief's interview with Duotrope's Digest for more on this ... and keep in mind Diaghilev's famous dictum before you hit send.


For fiction submissions, your text should be normally paginated, left justified (tabs are lost in the HTML 5 text environment; tabs achieved via space bar are beneath comment & contempt) and single spaced, with paragraphs double spaced apart. Vast physical editing jobs involving excessive use of bold and italics end up in submissions declined.


For our poetic clientele, be warned that in HTML 5 playful or mad tabs may not survive intact - and here again excessive use of bold and italics which have to be individually retrofitted onto the page usually end up declined.

For scribes of all shapes and sizes, please note we (nor any other established masthead) are not your proofreading service. All submissions should be finished, polished products - not works in progress being tweaked up to and after publication. 


Finally, do tell how you found us...and don't forget to include a (brief) third person bio paragraph w/current domicile, recent credits, etc., when you submit! If we're interested in your submission, we're just as interested in sharing a little bit about you with our worldwide readership. An omitted bio indicates you have not read this page and are carpet-bombing journals with your submission. Do not expect the courtesy of a reply when none has been extended by you to this magazine.


We accept unthemed submissions year 'round.


Send your work as a simple Word doc attachment to dansemacabreonline at gee mail dot com.

Do NOT paste your submission into the body of your query email. PDFs and zip files will be deleted upon arrival.





Submission Terms and Conditions


We publish pieces with first electronic rights. This essentially means that pieces in Danse Macabre have not been published elsewhere in electronic format. If your submission has been previously published, please indicate this in your submission with specific wheres & whens.


We are always happy when contributors reprint pieces first published in DM. However, we require three month exclusivity on pieces we publish, starting from the initial publication date. We also request courtesy attribution on any reprinted pieces, stating that it was first published in DM.


We accept simultaneous submissions, provided that this is clearly stated with the submission and that we are promptly notified if a given submission is accepted elsewhere.


All work submitted to Danse Macabre must be the property/work of the submitter. As owner of said work, you retain all subsequent rights to the work while allowing DM upon submission the right to: Publish said works in one to three online issues, incl. DM du Jour; retain your submission in our Archiv; and include your work in any (single) future DM anthology.


We reserve the right to withdraw without notice our offer of publication at any time.

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