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25 Nov 21

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You'll miss us if we're intubated ...


Friends of the Macabre,


As we await news that Santa has mandated all the elves, reindeer, and seasonal hires be fully vaxxed, we at DM - the finest literary buffet of contemporary & classical Macabrely - continue to reach out to you, our valued contributors and readers, for your crucial support as our shared quarantine draws to a merciful close. Or doesn't.


Many of you currently are or have been editors at journals of all shapes and sizes: You well know how much dedication and toil is involved to simply exist, much less excel, in publishing an online magazine. Many of you are widely published writers who time and again choose to revisit our good offices, pleased to call DM home for your ink energies. Many of you have submitted to us without prior credit – and we have been delighted to give you that leg up on your writerly journeys.


Every week, thousands of you enjoy our cornucopia of posts on the Book of Faces. Every day, over five thousand four hundred discerning readers enchant to the classical frivolities here at DM du Jour. And every year, over seventy-five thousand of you turn to Danse Macabre for your literary degustation.


We do not accept advertising. We do not offer paid subscriptions. We do not charge for submissions (and remain aghast at those venues who do and those who partake). We believe our brand cuts a distinctive dash in a crowded marketplace, one you have come to enjoy - and value. But there are real costs to be borne, not to mention the considerable time and dedication required to maintain our shared standards. We do not ask often and we do not ask much, but we now ask you, as one of the thousands of Macabristas, to help support the DM brand lest we use the chairs for kindling and hit the lights.


Many kind literati have already contributed, but they represent less than one percent of our monthly readership. Imagine, if you will, only one percent of all your writing submissions being accepted - or receiving a one percent raise, a one percent tip. Imagine a magazine or newspaper reduced in size to one percent, the only bit that had been sufficiently sustained. Your gift of $10 - basically, two good-sized cups 'o' Joe, provided the take-away window isn't barred - will make a world of difference to help sustain Danse Macabre as we hope to move forward in our second decade publishing the finest in online coloratura letters.


Please do consider sending as generous a donation as you can.


The button below will take you to PayPal, where you can choose your contribution amount and donate securely (or use our e-mail address,, to locate our alms page on, listed as Danse Macabre - An Online Literary Magazine). PayPal accepts credit cards, e-checks, international payments, etc. A PayPal account is not required to donate, except for blessed recurring contributions.


With your needed support, we can look forward to celebrating our upcoming 16th year publishing the finest online buffet of macabrely - and beyond. Without, we simply cannot, thus leaving the field to the acadumic vanity rags. Ew.


Mille grazi all for your continued readership, fellowship, and support.