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Baruch Porras-Hernandez

Deux Poesies



Jezzebunny, the jezzebelling Bunny

to Sara Mitra Payan


Jezzebunny Hops in the night
looking for a fight
but really looking for love
so she can eat it,
like a carrot
a sexy carrot

Jezzebunny wears red lipstick
and hops like a horny bunny looking for a fight
ditched that bitch Alice long ago
shot the Mad Hatter and took his blow
Jezzebunny was a bunny once

Jezzebunny skips the hole
and hops on her way to a get condo
says "Someday Jezzebunny will afford a house!
Bigass unny house!
With no kinky horny ugly roommates."

Jezebunny tries to celebrate by opening a bottle of Tequila
and gets surprised when a large
tequila worm named Bruce jumps out of it,
they decide to hop around together
though Bruce doesn't have special bunny powers

Bruce sings songs that Jezzebunny wants to learn
but Bruce can't sing very well
being a worm, he crawls on the ground and sings
about how he wishes he were something fabulous
"I will one day be fabulous!" Jezzebunny screams
"No you're a bunny, nothing more than a Jezzebunny."
"Bitch you are Jealous of my beauty!"
"Sorry Jezzebunny, you're old."
"I'll cut you! You're old, you old worm, you!"
"Jezzebunny, I'm in my 20s."
"I look like a babybunny! Fuck you!"
"You're over 30 Jezzebunny."
"I look young! Like a young bunny!"
"That is true,"says Bruce the Tequila worm
"like a young whore slut bunny."

Jezzebunny decides to not waste any more time putting up with Bruce's shit
She cuts Bruce up into tiny pieces
and dips the little pieces into shots of Tequila
a magical Bunny ritual, she recites magic words with every shot
completely consuming Bruce the Tequila worm
His juices mixed with her Bunny Magic
Transform her body into a Rabbit
an actual real life Rabbit
then the Rabbit turns into a large Rabbit fur coat
inside is a young woman who sleeps
she wears nothing but pearls
naked though warmed by the coat
she opens her eyes and finds an empty bottle of tequila
17 little shot glasses,
gets ups
looks around to the world
and walks off,
visible for a while
but eventually disappearing into the distance.

The corner of Haight and Buchanan


He has a face the color of the sand
Black lips dark eyes and hair
Scraggly from the dust
From the sun oils
scents from death itself
Drop down his back
Which rolls like a river
A battlefield, scars that now bind and twist
Like leather ropes which move
As he moves on this earth
For the universe has let him come back again
Marching like he marched before
His punishment for what he caused in history
Punishment for his lies and for his words
He once was a good man
Loved by men, women and children
Cooled by the breeze
Loved by the sun
Until curiosity won
Of how far he would go
How powerful and meaningful
His words would flow
He felt rage
He felt anger
And jealousy,
He was just a man born illegitimately
But he once had a heart
And believed it was good
Kindness makes kings of us all
Give a starving man some fish and some bread
And he will say you walk on water
Put your hands on the sick
And the weak,
Comfort the lonely
The wretched and all of paupers and poets and kings will kiss your feet
But do not call yourself the son of God.
This lesson he did not learn
Till his afterlife
Where he was tortured for every
Bloody body fallen on the ground forced to march
And feel pain for every time
People died for his name
For all the unnecessary wars of the world
For every child who died from his actions
Who died for his sin
So he sits
Now alone in the present day
In this new barbaric world
Sitting on a bus stop with the sun
beating down his head
sweat on his brow
he cringes from the new smells in the air
his feet feel uncomfortable upon the asphalt, bare
he holds his renewed breath
whenever a giant metallic beast
speeds by on the ground
lights change
music blares
and booms in his chest
and he is terrified by the new world he must apologize to
paralyzed he sits watching the behemoths which
take people and spit them out then roll away
how? He asks himself
How? How? How? How?
They’ve let me come back
Form my eternal unrest
God is angry from the souls
Who believed in me
Which now clog the doorways to hell
And my howling for salvation
And forgiveness has thrust me upon this task
How do you apologize to humanity?
For saying you’re the son of God?
Do I apologize one by one?
Do I scream it to the air?
How will they know who I am?

The wind blows by kissing him and he regrets never truly loving a woman
Another breeze comes by
With the smell of exhaust and smoke
And homeless shit and dog hair
Fills his nostrils and he curses the new world
How? How will I ask for forgiveness?
How will they react to this wrong?
To be crucified again?
To be crucified again?
To be crucified again?
A man walks towards him
Black eyes kind and beautiful
He shares his weathered
Tired tortured look
They both wear clothes they took from the streets
From the trash heaps alley ways and bins
The new man’s skin is a as dark as his
They could almost be brothers
The new man frowns the way he does
At this alien place
“What do you call yourself?”
Jesus finds himself suddenly asking.
The man sitting next to him at the bus stop
Turns to look at him and as if half recognizing him but
Being not quite sure says
“My name was once Mohammed.”



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