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You may talk of Country Christmasses,
Their thirty pound butter'd eggs, their pies of carps' tongues;
Their pheasants drench'd with ambergris; the carcasses of three fat
wethers bruised for gravy to make sauce for a single peacock!


Philip Massinger,

It Brings Good Cheer


DM 103



~ Porte D'entrée ~


Edward Ahern


Grant Allen


Adam Henry Carrière


John J. Dunphy


Bret Harte


Ed Higgins


Robert J. Gregg


Roxanne Hoffmann


Peter Marra


Philip Massinger


Brander Matthews


John Milton


Eleanor H. Porter


Tom Sheehan


Robert Louis Stevenson


Patty Patten Tiffany


Jesse Weiner



Thrice Welcome!

Now thrice welcome, Christmas,
Which brings us good cheer,
Minced-pies and plum porridge,
Good ale and strong beer;
With pig, goose, and capon,
The best that may be,
So well doth the weather
And our stomachs agree.

Observe how the chimneys
Do smoke all about;
The cooks are providing
For dinner, no doubt;
But those on whose tables
No victuals appear,
O may they keep Lent
All the rest of the year.

With holly and ivy
So green and so gay,
We deck up our houses
As fresh as the day;
With bay and rosemary
And laurel complete;
And every one now
Is a king in conceit.



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