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~ Porte D'entrée ~


John Gabriel Adkins


Peter Baltensperger


Christa Carmen


Rudolph Baumbach


Ed Coonce


John J. Dunphy


Roxanne Hoffman



Laroo Jack


Margaret Montet


Isha Ro


Leopold von Sacher-Masoch


Abby Sheaffer


Tom Sheehan


Diego Montez Sieiro


Gregory Autry Wallace



Roxanne Hoffman

The Magi

after O. Henry

these are trying times!


her long lustrous locks     cut and sold

for a platinum chain 

to carry the watch 

he has pawned 

to purchase tortoise combs 

for her newly shorn head.


unneeded gifts -- precious links and combs -- they set aside to gather dust . . .


despite such losses of property and pride, they have gained 

the knowledge that each is truly loved.


and her hair will grow again

and  he will exchange the links & combs to retrieve his watch

to track every precious moment

they are together and apart.

(he's quite smitten by her new short do)

who knew life could be so wonderful!

who knew!



Roxanne Hoffman worked on Wall Street, now answers a patient hotline. Her words can be found in cyberspace, set to music, on the silver screen, and in print. She and Jack Cooper run Poets Wear Prada. Her elegiac poem “In Loving Memory,” illustrated by Edward Odwitt, was released as a chapbook in 2011.




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