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DM 112




Porte D'entrée




Mikhail Petrovich Artsybashev


Jeff Bagato


Peter Baltensperger


Ambrose Bierce


Adam Henry Carrière


Charles G. Chettiar


Laura Eppinger


Kristin Fouquet


Maksim Gorky


Ron Larson



Eric Luthi


Ken Poyner


Gretchen Van Lente


Mercedes Webb-Pullman



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Ron Larson

The New Land

Adapted from a story by H.P. Lovecraft


When the bleak days were hard upon him,

He would experience in his dreams

A life of openness and freedom—

An existence with beautiful scenes.


Gone was constant sameness and grayness,

Replaced with fragrant flowers and trees.

He now had vitality and wellness.

Yet, there was a door without a key.


Each night, he sought to enter this beyond.

At last, he had the key to access the door.

But before it could be used, it was dawn,

So he decided he would stint no more.


He increased his opium dosage.

Soon the wall’s door was opened by him.

A white landscape greeted his visage.

He had entered the land of oblivion.



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