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Porte D'entrée


Rudolph Baumbach


Paul Heyse


E.T.A. Hoffmann


Eric Luthi


Peter Marra

{without whom, this issue would not exist}


Mark J. Mitchell


Fabrice Poussin


Leopold von Sacher-Masoch


Phil Sawdon


Wilhelm von Scholz


Mercedes Webb-Pullman


 ♠    ♣


Patrice Poussin



I touched the peak of Mont Blanc to see it shiver

its eternal snows thawing but for a brief instant.


I saw its water flow into torrents of life

as I longed to taste the purity of a first bath.


Roaming the valleys rolling hills and many hollows

I pondered the warmth of a raising sun in the dew.


Meadows spawn in deserts forgotten, fertile

eager to bring life exploding as on the first dawn.


Oceans await in unconceivable patience

cyclones and typhoons hover their ghastly shapes.


What will you say when you awaken to the scene

gently slumbering in a landscape to your image?


Gazes will meet, two souls will join in dreams

twins again in awe of an admiring galaxy.  




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