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Porte D'entrée


Drew Barth


Dan A. Cardoza


Peter Cherches

John Kearns


Jessica Ludwig


Peter Marra


Sterling Warner

Mercedes Webb-Pullman



H. G. Wells



Peter Marra

Oneiric Onomatopoeia

at the Clinic


“Can you describe your emotions clearly, honey?”

A sheltered innocent: she could not remember when she wasn’t a victim.


An experiment. She had been eaten alive: “We’ll see what can be done to repair her.

There is always hope.”


Twisted muffled laughter run down by a GTO. Screaming Stickmen

with ludicrous libidos scratched at leather windows leaving white sigils etched in flesh.


[please read, please watch me]


The limpid pools of her eyes reflected concentric circles populated with

scans of  discarded handguns and cadavers of John Does waiting to be

toe-tagged and filed away.


This was a sacred book. These are the forgotten words,

hidden from the populace.


 We are guilty of the machines hidden in the basement. 

“Are you nasty enough for them?

Exotic yin-yang models milking you dry.”


 A fender-bender rolling around in her brain, she clenched her

teeth tightly until her gums bled.


“Prudish virgin.” Hidden among the walls, the peep-shows

cranked out dirty pictures.

Peter Marra’s new poetry collection, Captive Wild Woman, is forthcoming from Hammer & Anvil Books. He writes from Queens, New York.

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