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Amicus, a, um

Porte D'entrée

Harris Coverley


Scott S. Cravens


Tony Daly


Julian Grant


John Grey


Reed Kuehn


Shaun Loh


Gina Margolies

G.A. Morris


Steve Slavin

This issue would not exist without the kindness & support of

Peter Marra & Mercedes Webb-Pullman

  ♠    ♣


Shaun Loh



X marks the spot where 

it all went downhill. 

Redacted in court, 

shunned into Changi. 

Guilt cat got your tongue. 

If you hadn’t flinched, 

you would’ve spent your 

twenties in the sun, 

with a cool constant 

shadow hulking by 

your back. Walk scot-free. 

So what made you tell? 

You could’ve had child, 

could’ve watched her sleep, 

then susurrate a 

bedtime story of 

how you killed when 

you were just a kid. 

You could’ve married, 

found someone to bear 

your baggage, discern 

that you made a teen 

mistake, pure and fond. 

But X: your pseudonym 

in papers, street cred gone.


By day, Shaun Loh is the Editor-in-Chief of his school newspaper, Raffles Press. By night, poetry is a valve for his macabre inclinations. His poetry has been published in Amber Poetry, An Atelier of Healing: Poetry about Trauma and Recovery, and now, Danse Macabre.

Bienvenue au Danse, Shaun.

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