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DM 75

 ♠    ♣

porte d'entrée


~ Fictions ~



Peter Cherches

Insomnia in Excelsis

Gretchen A. Van Lente

The Uninvited Guest


{translated by Peter Wortsman}

The Art of Self-Mummification




K. Marvin Bruce

Night Jogger

Jack Delacruz

Long Live Mason Hardwicke

Robin Wyatt Dunn

Beat Puppet



Due storie

Kirk A.C. Marchall

Evil Green Murder Scene

Katherine Mead-Brewer

The Death Clause



Aaron Simon

My Dog, The Dybbuk




~ Poetry ~


Deux Poètes ~ Zwei Dichter ~ Due poeti

Jonathan Beale ~ Peter Marra



Five by 

Frank Feldman



Robert J. Gregg

Adam's Eve



Five by

Fragano Ledgister ~ Peter O'Neill



Neat Beat Manifesto

Adam Henry Carrière

DLW Pesavento

Jeffrey M. Wallmann



Pot-pourri poesie

Jack Delacruz ~ Johanna  Miklós ~ Benjamin Blake
Steven Gulvezan ~ Mercedes Webb-Pullman




~ Photography ~


DM 75 is illustrated by

Kristin Fouquet

author & cinematographer of

The Olive Stain and other stories

(Hammer & Anvil Books, 2013)




Molto grazi ~ Vielen danke ~ Merci beaucoups

to the wonderful contributors herein

for their noir coloratura ink energies


Peter Baltensperger, Kristin Fouquet,

Robert J. GreggLeanne Hanson,

Kathryn A. Kopple, Peter Marra,

Johanna MiklósEllen Orner,

and Mercedes Webb-Pullman

for their personal generosity in helping fortify le Macabre

as we celebrate this, our 75th issue.




Adam Henry Carrière

Verleger / Herausgeber,

Danse Macabre

An Online Literary Magazine


DM Copyright (c.) 2006 - 2013 by Adam Henry Carrière. All Rights Reserved. ISSN 2152-4580



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