n. Fate; fortune...


Picture yourself as an awkward child (because even if you seemed perfect and poised on the outside, you were already a halftone off the rest of the choir, non?) and recall that beautiful and terrible moment when you first were pulled in four directions by fear, fascination, disgust and longing. Perhaps you were peeking between your fingers because you knew Frankenstein's monster had to be lurking somewhere in the smoking ruins of that burned windmill. Perhaps you were in a bookstore gobsmacked by your first copy of Eerie. Perhaps you were unexpectedly split into two children, one sitting in a sunny classroom and the other locked in the midnight chamber with that “ghastly grim and ancient raven wandering from the nightly shore.” Whether the spark was a volume of Poe, Tales from the Crypt, or that freaky Soundgarden video on your dad's iPod, whether it was in 1931 or yesterday, that moment whetted your appetite. Very, very sure your parents wouldn't approve, you wanted more.


You were made for KISMET, the new anthology from Danse Macabre ~ An Online Literary Magazine® and Hammer & Anvil Books.


Drawn from a treasure chest of issues lost to time, KISMET is vintage DM distilled, featuring an international buffet of fateful fictions e la fortuna di poesia by

Ali Abdolrezaei ~ Vasile Alecsandri

Akili Amina ~ Stephanie Bryant Anderson

Rhumjum Biswas ~ Alan Britt

David M. Buhajla ~ SJD Conall

Martyn Conterio ~ Tony Curtis

Jozefina Cutura ~ Janann Dawkins

 Tatjana Debeljački ~ C. B. Droege

David Hughes ~ Neal Kemet

Penn Kemp ~ Antonia Alexandra Klimenko

Allen Kopp ~ Roberta Lawson

Brant Lyon ~ Peter Marra

Bill Mayer ~ Valery Oisteanu

Bobby Parker ~ DLW Pesavento

Don Peteroy ~ Helen Peterson

Arthur Pigeon ~ Diana Pollin

Derek Richards ~ Tom Sheehan

Patty Somlo ~ Dick Strawser

Sarah White ~ Andrés Wilson

Kevin G. Wisher ~ Peter Weltner

... not to mention more than a few bookish surprises of the sort readers worldwide have come to expect from DM for over a decade.


KISMET celebrates the shared joy in the unusual and the fantastic with this ample collection. Savor the delicious shivers traveling up and down the circuitry of your spine. Pierce the ominous mist and grab KISMET by the throat. Here, you will discover every entry in this anthology is a tidbit of classical uneasiness to be savored, like fine Amontillado, with dark enchantment.



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