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Richard Magahiz & John W Sexton

Cinque poesie

over a void


almost ripe music of the spheroids  

straining over a void another cosmos emerges  

his eyes are not windows but fire doors  

stretch out before me o shadow extinguish the hill  

dimmed blue blood krater we need to tawq  


a ringed dove is released from the caliph's heart  

peking duke mooed in de gorange sauce  

invisible jellypie for mister and missus neverwhere   


huge lardscotch sundaes brass metric nuts  

soft shift machinery the ectoplasmic ships pass through  

flint tip studded his Ford Lakota  

siphon jupiter into the gas tank bush sends the marines      

separatists ruin the boys' girlcott


omega rear end


his come back to me money trickster's coins are turtles 

useless useless one way first class ticket to Tlön 

when entering the inverted train hold tight to the entrails 

flayed lord tritone summons the naiads 

a whale swims in jonah's cochlea answer the telling bone 


ipawed most holy most suppositorial 

alpha bets omega rear end x-rays yahweh’s zerohour 

für jest dreigroschen a sacral space hopera 


through gray lensmen spectacles doc smith glimpses stars  

solaris bravo st. valentine cries authors 

at the sink nostradamus intuits another quatrain  

the dog the door a sun a war some brains this play 

barkingmad unhinged enflamed armed moronic blabberers


spearing fleas


cardinal luther's eight of wands thousand year's war  

thou turbulent pests gawain conjures a wasp cloud 

russkie shutterflies smershed by lomophobia 

caught him hiding a needle in his sister's teddy bear 

rocinante spins slowly below 


jack london stole a truck and backed a glacier into hell 

don pietro lorre primate slaved to his tools 

warrior’s novitiate spearing fleas on kong’s fur 


white blindness the hairy chert assumed willingly 

ray the asbestos edition of fahrenheit 451 quarantined  

a prickly ash rose for the anaphoretic 

rowanberry biscuits laced with lead for diesel driven boys 

croatoan's last words th th th th that's all folks


at axe their hearts


night in my ear half-lives of voices bleed between stars 

hinged at the temples her tinfoil face 

first contact this longpig from the flyingpan taste good 

98% squeal the third hollywood scar 

return of the magnificent seven doppelgangers’ seven 


arafatboy sim clones the e-rector's remix 

at axe their hearts now the junk soul brother 

miss katonic you left us grasping tricuspids 


sleepcunnilingus men lose their reason in the lilithcunt 

slick with ink she dishes a preterite screwball 

jamish juice in niptune flann o brien’s nib goes whiskey 

addled by fins safety glass eyed tailpipe addicts 

swallowed a shark to eat the cancer perhaps she’ll die


a sjambok map


parrot seeks captain to run ship and take shit on the shoulder 

chili iceburgers squeak down the north greaselantic 

those sundogs ate the last of the day and left the moonbone 

clutching a skink stole a skunk skank stinks 

this way to insideoutan he cuts a sjambok map on her back  


xy we shout nobbut mere peace crimes 

a golden temple in hell houses all who murdered for heaven 

subway cars packed with diesel raptors 


and finally the polished coprolite award goes to mankind 

reality lost its place billions unconceive 

jung fuehrer time rewinds the universe into the gib gnab 

clockwise hexskelion dervishes isle of men 

randomchaos butterflied jfk gunned down by tektites   


Richard Magahiz has a day job working with computers, originally as a physicist but more recently as a software engineer. When it comes to music, food, or books his tastes are both eclectic and idiosyncratic. He spent a long time on the East Coast of the US but has come back to his native state of California. His work has appeared recently at haikuniverse, Star*Line, Dreams and Nightmares, Failed Haiku, Otoliths, Kaleidotrope, and Sein und Werden. His website is at


John W. Sexton lives in the Republic of Ireland. His seventh poetry collection, Visions at Templeglantine, was published by Revival Press in 2020. A chapbook of surrealist poetry, Inverted Night, came out from Survision Books in 2019. Under the ironic pseudonym of Sex W. Johnston he has recorded an album with legendary Stranglers frontman Hugh Cornwell, entitled Sons of Shiva, which has been released on Track Records. His poem The Green Owl was awarded the Listowel Poetry Prize 2007 for best single poem, and in that same year he was awarded a Patrick and Katherine Kavanagh Fellowship in Poetry. Bienvenue au Danse, John.