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SC Flynn

Cinco Poemas






the author is gone

do you need him



Telepathic Poem


Read my mind

and then write down

the poem you find there

I leave it up to you

whether to claim the credit 

or not 




I once received

an anonymous poem that was so good

that I had to put in

some mistakes

and take out some ideas and feelings

to make it acceptable


A Poetry Reading


The poet sits

not saying a word

The silence

contains more envy,

desire and anger

than he could ever 

have recited


Trust Me


I sat for hours

creating a poem

in my head

It was so complete,

so perfect

that I didn’t need

to write it down


SC Flynn was born in a small town in Australia of Irish origin and now lives in Dublin. His poetry has been published in many magazines and in March 2023, leading US magazine Rattle included him as one of seventeen contemporary Irish poets in a special edition. In May 2023 he was long-listed for the Erbacce Prize out of 13,000 entries. Bienvenue au Danse, SC.

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