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DM 108


Dedicated to Vice President of the United States Mike 'Hoosier Daddy' Pence


~ Porte D'entrée ~


The DM Spring Appeal


Adam Henry Carrière


Christina Dalcher


James Diaz


LauraJean Ermayne & Gene Damon


John Ladd


Brant Lyon


Jamie Parsley


The DM Stonewall Issues


Peter Weltner



Peter Weltner




Fifty two years ago, a young woman

is murdered in Queens.  Her brother, a vet,

a double amputee in Vietnam,

makes a documentary to learn why–

what, stabbed, she felt as her dying began.

He hires an actress he’d never met

to scream like her. It’s not the same,

he knows, sobbing as he hears her cry.



This painting’s your woods, the moon

sun-bright, a gray, curvy lane

rising like smoke, thin-

nest near the forest. Soon

it’ll be dark. Tall pine, stripped cane

line the way. Go in. Walk deeper in.



from The Return of What's Been Lost, Marrowstone Press, Seattle, 2017




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