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(Pictures of Life)


~ Porte D'entrée ~



Ian Axel Anderson


Suvojit Banerjee


John J. Dunphy


Francis A. Durivage


Bret Harte


Kristina Jacobs


Mór Jókai


Penn Kemp


Jean Lorrain


Karen Maric


Michael Pendragon


Tom Sheehan


Sheikha A.


Riley Tolbert


Patricia Worth



Tom Sheehan

I Who Lost A Brother



and nearly lost another

remember the headlines, newsreels,

songs of bond-selling, gas-griping,

and movies too true to hate.


The whole Earth bent inwards,

imploding bombs, bullets, blood,

shrieking some terrible bird cry

in my ears only sleep could lose.


Near sleep I could only remember

the nifty bellbottom blues he wore

in the picture my mother cleaned

and cleaned and cleaned on the altar


of her bureau as if he were the Christ

or the Buddha, but he was out there

in the sun and the sand and the rain

of shells and sounds I came to know


years later moving up from Pusan.

I never really knew about him until

he came home and I saw his sea bag

decorated with his wife’s picture,


and a map

and the names

Saipan, Iwo Jima, Kwajalein,

the war.







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