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DM 149

is dedicated to

Peter Marra ~ Diego Siero ~ Mercedes Webb-Pullman and the staff at NBH, Las Vegas NV

for sticking with the fliegendemensch behind the curtain at DM through the storm-tossed waves of their journey...

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Porte D'entrée


Thomas J Crowe

Phil Linz


Shawn P Madison

JD Nelson

Fabrice Poussin

Niles Reddick

Sterling Warner

Mercedes Webb-Pullman

Alpheus Williams


Phil Linz



after Naomi Shihab Nye


“Everything has a life of its own”

~ NSN, “So Much Happiness”


I’ve connections to both places, both images, both Central Park & Rockaway; so much of my

Past remains alive, pink December blossoms,  New Orleans; grubby Fillmore East, 2nd Avenue.

Like whirlwinds, dust storms, drenching rain in the cactus-spjned desert, memory real as

Synapses firing, as intention realized, as the deepest well singing in triumph, in completion


The first six months were of rehabs & hospitals, as she grew progressively weaker,

Mid-July we took her off the ventilator, yet consciousness remains; maybe a Buddhist bardo,

Maybe pure positive energy, maybe the unknown heaven the rabbis insist is there;

She understands all now, will probably be back; another lifetime, more work yet to do


My life the easier, softer way, these days, writing this poem, 4 am desktop, Saturday night

These days I tell myself that my depression’s a choice, so when it rises I struggle beyond it

Caught so very often in the suffering, the apparent meaninglessness; yet I’ve seen the glorious

Colors of new dawn breaking, over the beach, the City, over this country; we’re not done yet:


Trust:  in the silence.  In the unseen benevolence.  In the small choices each of us makes,

For the good.  It adds up, it matters.  A long way from enlightenment; yet on the right road.

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