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DM 113

Sky II


Porte D'entrée




Ed Ahern


Patricia Carragon


Charles Dickens


Die Gebrüder Grimm


M. R. James


Sissy Pantelis


Alexander Pope


Fabrice Poussin


Elizabeth I. Riseden


Abigail Sheaffer


Aaron Simon


Dan Zangerl




Fabrice Poussin

Still Failing


Gazing upon the line in the sky, he wishes to capture signs

words upon the azure nebulae of forgotten eternity

if only a gentle storm would form in the hours’ heat.


Then perhaps in a voice of many echoes he would claim

to the depth of infinite galaxies a final message

in the accents of vanished tales fiery tragedies.


Inhaling the hues of his domain recalling a renaissance

with dense blues swarming greens and devilish reds

to create in the sphere a masterpiece of melodious airs.


Madly grabbing at ghosts of past aromas swirling

he is a twirling dervish approaching a troublesome trance

as hopes the size of quanta vanish in a cruel tease.


He wants to taste the pearls of the heavenly nectar

swallow this concoction of undecipherable signals

running to the invasion of a threatening enemy.


Begging for an ultimate prompt he falls to the brazen ground

genuflecting in a humblest prayer captured by deathly silence

never to be revealed the key to her magical riddle.  




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