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Cutting shade, cool spades and little last beds, make violet, violet when.

Gertrude Stein


DM 98



~ Porte D'entrée ~



S. J. Budd

Christopher Cadra

Ed Coonce

J. L. Cowan

Matthew de Lacey Davidson

Emile Donovan

Neil Ellman

Patrick Erickson

Ed Higgins

Little Nemo

Marc Joan

Rose Knapp

Lee Todd Lacks

Tom Sheehan

Anna Sykora

Patty Patten Tiffany

Paul Tristram



Gertrude Stein



Cake cast in went to be and needles wine needles are such.


This is today. A can experiment is that which makes a town, makes a town dirty, it is little please. We came back. Two bore, bore what, a mussed ash, ash when there is tin. This meant cake. It was a sign.


Another time there was extra a hat pin sought long and this dark made a display. The result was yellow. A caution, not a caution to be.


It is no use to cause a foolish number. A blanket stretch a cloud, a shame, all that bakery can tease, all that is beginning and yesterday yesterday we had it met. It means some change. No some day.


A little leaf upon a scene an ocean any where there, a bland and likely in the stream a recollection green land. Why white.







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