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DM 92

Stonewall Beach


A Note from the Publisher:


DM 92 commemorates our sixth LGBT-themed issue. Much has changed politically and socially in these intervening years, mostly for the positive. On our part, we were taken aback at the paucity of LGBT-themed submissions received for this issue, something we've not experienced before. Perhaps this may be attributed to increased visibilty and wider (though by no means universal) acceptance of LGBT issues, that or we've lost our entire LGBT readership. Certainly, a vast majority of literary magazines both online and print remain a barren landscape for LGBT characters, stories, and voices, so this drought remains a mystery.


Nevertheless, we have decided to remain true to our committment to LGBT storytelling and present Stonewall Beach as our first entirely pictorial issue. It occurred to us that, even in the darkest moments of LGBT history, the presence of homoerotic to riotously crypto queer messages, subtexts, and images especially have thoroughly penetrated hetero-dominant mainstreams, for centuries.


Thus, our modest buffet of striking, surreptitious, hilarious, and often sultry images for your consideration as well as appreciation.


{All images used are the property of their respective copyright holders. All rights reserved.}     




Porte D'entrée


Alte Kunst

Coming Soon!






Nouvel Art


Say It with a Gay




Единство сторон

Party Unity


Sensualità letteraria

To Sell an E-Book

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